Our Events

24th World ITMA Congress Qatar 2015

Al Sharq Media Management and ITMA organize world congress covering all areas of Traffic Medicine and its associated disciplines.
Delegates to this congress include medical doctors, physiologists, psychologists, traffic safety experts, vehicle designers and manufacturers,
engineers, policy makers, police officers, and insurance experts. The congress has been a great opportunity for exchanges between
experts from many disciplines connected to traffic safety and traffic injuries.



Civil Defence Exhibition 2015

Due to the developments in all fields witnessed by the State of Qatar especially in construction and infrastructure projects, commensurate
with the coming decades, the run-up to the World Cup 2022 and the obligation of the General Administration of Civil Defense, represented
by the Ministry of Interior to continuously emerge the 5th Qatar Civil Defence Exhibition and Conference in order to ensure the safety in
mega-projects and the development of safety system, and the government and private sectors of the country.



Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition 2008 – 2014

Al Sharq Media Management participated a significant role as Corporate Gifts Supplier, Media Partner, Events Services and at DIMDEX.
An event which provides good opportunity to gather under one roof the latest technology in the field of maritime and it is a very important
event that indicates the vision to coordinate in establishing the national State of Qatar.



Civil Defence Exhibition 2013

It’s been another success of continuous contribution for the Worlds safety and security. In its 4th leg of Civil Defence Exhibition and
Conference, Al Sharq Media Management in collaboration with Qatar Civil Defense have participated a big role to organize the State of
Qatar’s needs on the latest technology in safety, which adheres to international specifications and standards.



Media Exhibition and Conference 2012

In an attempt to promote the culture of free expression, Dar Al-Sharq organized the 2nd Media Expo Qatar 2012 is to get a large number of
people representing media organizations worldwide under one roof. Invitees include satellite channels, print media, radio and technology
providers. The event provides a platform for invitees to interact with one another and familiarize themselves with the latest advances in
media-related technology worldwide.



United Nations on Trade and Development Exhibition – UNCTAD XIII

Dar Al-Sharq played an important role in organizing a special exhibition together with the Organizing Committee of United Nations
Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) XIII, for the first time in Qatar held its conference for developing trade and development
in the State. This was intended for Public or Private Sector, as evidence that people in Qatar are keen to show the high capabilities of
Qatari institutions, globally competitive and their abilities to implement developmental projects in Qatar state and all over the world.



Civil Defence Exhibition 2011

As Qatar is already part of witnessing the large scales of developments in all fields, especially in construction and infrastructure projects,
in the run-up to the World Cup 2022. The State needs the latest technology in safety, which adheres to international specifications and
standards. And therefore, Dar Al-Sharq in collaboration with Qatar Civil Defense finds it necessary to sustain the organization of the 3rd
Qatar Civil Defence Exhibition and Conference.



Civil Defence Exhibition 2009

The fact that Qatar strive to improve safety technology in the State, Dar Al- Sharq in collaboration with Qatar Civil Defense, have seen
the continuous need for safety and well-being as the top priority in all nations of the world, and it is considered as the real investment that
guarantees the development and stability of people and establishments in all communities. Therefore, setting up the specialized 2nd Qatar
Civil Defence Exhibition and Conference is the most important in the State.



Media Exhibition and Conference 2008

Dar Al-Sharq adopts the idea in contributing the advance and development of the beloved country and exerts best efforts to produce
whatever is useful and beneficial to it. It has dedicated all available means to make it a success so as to come out in an honorable shape
fitting the State of Qatar. This is a national duty through which Qatar can be viewed as a media capital. Therefore, organizing the 1st Media
Expo Qatar 2008 was a great event that gave familiarization with the latest advancement in media related technology; introduce innovative
media products; reflects the accomplishments in advertising corporations and embodies the great achievements of Arabs in global media.



Civil Defence Exhibition 2007

Dar Al-Sharq, in collaboration with the Administration of Civil Defense – Ministry of the Interior, found it necessary to ensure the ultimate
standards of Safety and Security to people, properties, facilities, and environment. As well as to highlight that vital aspect in our society
and have decided to establish an International Exhibition for Civil Defence in Qatar 2007, to serve the public and private sectors involved
in these areas in Qatar and in the neighboring Arab Gulf States.



AL JAZEERA FESTIVAL (since 2006 – yearly cycle)

Dar Al Sharq as considered to be one among the leading media newspaper in Qatar, having the largest printing, publishing houses, local
distribution and having proved its many effective contributions in all activities, therefore Dar Al-Sharq have always been supportive to the
yearly celebration of Al Jazeera Festival and participates as one of their Media Partners to strongly promote the role of Media in Qatar.





Alsharq Media Management participated as a Media and Corporate souvenir provider at the World Sailing Tournament last 2014, it was a
leading Military Sport Organization with the ideal platform where all Armed Forces around the World meet in order to promote Friendship,
Solidarity and Peace, through Sports.